We aim to be good neighbors in the communities where we live and work. Our community efforts focus primarily on science education, with the goal being to ignite a passion for science in young minds.

We are investing in education at the beginning of the cycle. For example, Actelion’s annual “Elementary school science days” are attended by over 150 children and teachers from local schools. At these 2-day events, young students are exposed to hands-on, real-world science, with a fun and interactive approach.

Together with other local companies, Actelion also continues to support a mobile lab project, for which we helped to develop the concept and to design experiments. Targeting elementary schools in Northwestern Switzerland, the aim is that the bus hosting the mobile lab should now visit 80 schools per year. We also organize annual lab weeks designed to give interested students from local high schools an insight into life as a researcher. In 2016, over 230 local high school students attended our fourth series of summer lectures, featuring topics such as “Modern drug discovery approaches”, “Robots and stem cells in the lab”, “Observing and analyzing – the work of an epidemiologist”, “Patents in the pharmaceutical industry” , “From the origins of genetics to applied genomics” and “Cancer – its origins and treatment”.

Other community efforts include support for a local youth center in Allschwil. In the US, Actelion supported a number of different charities through outright donations as well as employee matching programs.


Summer Lecture with founder Walter Fischli

"The team I work in encourages me to truly be a team member and share creativity."

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